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A day in the Life of a 4H Student During Livestock Sale Week

LEWISTON – The hard work and tenacity that goes into raising an animal and being part of the 4H Livestock sale each year is something many individuals are not aware of, however, for 12-year-old Adison Johnson, it is simply her way of life.

Johnson has spent countless hours working and bonding with her pig Buzz WhiteEar since obtaining him in April. She goes every day either before or after school to work with and feed him each day. As this is now her fourth year in the 4H program, Johnson explained she loves the hard work that goes into training her pig and is excited about the upcoming show and sale.

Buzz WhiteEar, and the pigs before him, have been an amazing learning opportunity for Johnson as she has grown up. From learning how to keep records, set goals, appreciate and understand food production, public speaking skills, and so much more. The hard work ends up being incredibly worthwhile and enjoyable.

“My favorite part is taking care of my pig and getting to bond with it,” Johnson said.

From feeding him the usual “show pig” food leading up to the event to special treats like beer, mini powdered donuts, twinkies, and a special mixture of expired bread, raw eggs, and expired milk, Johnson insures Buzz WhiteEar is very well fed.

Johnson explained the Livestock sale kicks off Thursday, September 22 with a day dedicated to showing the pig. She will be judged on the looks, size, and more of Buzz WhiteEar. Then, Friday, September 23 will be fitting and showing which is all about how well Johnson has her pig trained and cleaned.

To close out the weekend, the sale is on Saturday, September 24. However, this year things will be a little different. If you plan on purchasing livestock at the auction, you must register for a bidder number at the bidding ring inside the beef barn.

Johnson explained the livestock sale is exciting as she is able to win money and awards throughout the weekend. She explained saying goodbye to her pig at the end of the weekend was challenging in her first year, however, now she doesn’t mind too much.

To learn more about how you can get involved or donate to your local 4H group, contact the UI/ Nez Perce County 4H Extension Office at (208) 799 – 3069.


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