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Aggressive Driving Emphasis Patrols Occurring Now Throughout Idaho

Idaho State Police News Release

Now through March 11, Idaho State Police and law enforcement partners across Idaho are joining forces to stop aggressive driving. Expect extra law enforcement on our roadways to focus on education and enforcement.


Preliminary 2022 data from the Idaho Department of Transportation (ITD) shows over 14,000 aggressive driving crashes in Idaho and 39 percent of all fatal crashes involved some form of aggressive driving behavior.

“Aggressive driving is dangerous driving,” says Captain Chris Weadick of District 6 in Idaho Falls. “As our roadways continue seeing increased traffic volumes, ISP responds to more calls of aggressive driving and collisions. We want people to slow down and pay attention to their driving so everyone arrives at their destination safely.”

Examples of aggressive driving:
-Blocking cars attempting to change lanes
-Changing lanes without signaling
-Cutting in front of another driver, then slowing down
-Driving too fast for conditions
-Failing to yield or stop for traffic lights and stop signs
-Passing on the wrong side of the road or on the shoulder
-Screaming, honking, or flashing lights
-Weaving in and out of traffic

“Every day, Idahoans do the right thing but sometimes frustration boils over and aggressive driving behaviors puts others at risk,” Weadick says. “Speed and failure to follow traffic laws are factors in almost every crash – which are preventable. Remember to make driving a priority and do your part to remain calm and keep our roads safe.”

Build safe driving habits into your routine and set a good example for those around you. If an aggressive driver is nearby, safely get out of the way, stay calm, ignore gestures, and report the vehicle’s location and direction of travel to 911 or *ISP (*477).

With Idaho Office of Highway Safety (OHS) grant funding, extra troopers will patrol high-traffic areas looking for motorists exceeding the speed limit or driving aggressively.  (


Idaho State News

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