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Anonymous Donor Agrees to put $100,000 to Charity if Little, Humphreys, and McGeachin Debate

BOISE – On April 29th, Sam Bishop, Esq. informed the Humphreys campaign that an anonymous client put $100,000 in a trust dedicated to a charity that would be disbursed if the Governor debates were rescheduled.

Sam Bishop said, “I have $100,000 in my attorney trust account that belongs to an anonymous client. They have instructed me to distribute the money to a charity if Governor Brad Little, Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, and Ed Humphreys will debate on live TV. Rules, moderators, and times will be set by the debate’s host KTVB. The
below letter has been sent to each candidate’s campaign managers.”

Dear Governor Little. Lt. Governor McGeachin. Ed Humphreys, OVER the past 6 months I have heard each of you speak at events. Like many Idahoans, I was looking forward to public debates to see how each of you answer questions and respond to being challenged by your opponent. Were you going to rely on a stack of notes,
or do you know your positions? Debates were canceled, but I am requesting your
participation in a debate. Let me address my request to each of you.

Governor Little: I was more than concerned by the announcement that you declined to debate. You said your record is “non-debatable. “Most Idahoans would agree that public discussion and the competitive exchange of ideas are one of the cornerstones of our democracy. These debates could prove instrumental to the decision of Idaho voters on their choice for governor. Please don’t deprive them of it.

Lt. Governor McGeachin and Candidate Humphreys: Please step up and agree to be part of a fair, frank, and freewheeling discussion on the important policy choices that confront Idaho at this critical time.

I have deposited $100,000.00 in the trust account of my attorney, Sam Bishop. If any two of you participate in the debate, I have instructed my attorney to distribute $50,000 to charity. If all three of you participate in the debate, I have instructed my attorney to distribute the other $50,000 to charity.

There are, of course, some conditions. You must participate in the entire live debate. It will be conducted by KTVB, as previously contemplated. Reasonable times, rules, moderators, etc. will be determined by KTVB

Yours for the cause of democracy prevailing,