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Arnett’s Martial Arts America Competition Team Earns 25 Medals During Franco Cup

Arnett’s Martial Arts America Competition Team brought home 25 medals during the Franco Cup on Saturday. The Franco Cup is organized by Shihan Mike Franco of Trinity Martial Arts Academy in Richland, Washington, along with support from many schools in the area and from Sensei Vanessa Perkins from Treasure Valley School of Karate in Meridian and Inland Empire AAU Karate of Southern Idaho.

The Competition Team is led by Sydni Stocks of Austin Arnett’s Martial Arts America in Lewiston, the team showed impressive winnings and growing momentum as a new karate competition team. Sydni Stocks, Rhyli Stocks, Roen Howlett, and Kya Svancara recently competed at the Ozawa Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada, taking 4 Gold medals and 1 Bronze back to the Lewis-Clark Valley. The four female athletes were selected to represent Arnett’s Martial Arts America and the United States with AAU Karate in the WUKF World’s Karate Competition this July in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

COMPETITION TEAM: Sydni Stocks, Rhyli Stocks, McKinley Forth, Will Musser, Gracyn Forth, Roen Howlett, Cord Stocks, Aaron Sauve, Kya Svancara, and Conley Svancara; with ages ranging from 18 years old to just 6 years old. The team is currently recruiting additional team members from Martial Arts America’s steadily growing student-athlete population. 

Franco Cup Results: 15 Medals and Grand Champion Kumite!

  • Rhyli Stocks – 14-15 Year Old Female Black Belts (GRAND CHAMPION KUMITE, Kumite 1st, Kobudo/Weapons 2nd)
  • McKinley Forth – 14-15 Year Old Female Intermediate Brown Belts (Kumite 2nd, Team Kata 2nd)
  • Will Musser – 10-11 Year-Old Male Novice Orange to Green Belts (Kata 3rd, Kumite 3rd)
  • Gracyn Forth – 12-13 Year Old Female Intermediate Brown Belts (Kata 1st, Kumite 1st, Team Kata 2nd)
  • Roen Howlett – 10-11 Year Old Female Intermediate Brown Belts (Kata 2nd)
  • Aaron Sauve – 10-11 Year Old Male Intermediate Brown Belts (Team Kata 2nd)
  • Kya Svancara – 8-9 Year Old Female Novice Orange to Green Belts (Kata 1st, Kumite 3rd, Kobudo/Weapons 3rd)
  • Conley Svancara – 6 Years Old and Under Beginner White Belts Blocker Sparring 2nd
  • Cord Stocks competed in a very tough division, did not quite medal but showed heart and determination. 

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to thank Coach Sydni Stocks for dedicating herself to the improvement of our competition athletes. And we would like to thank Sensei Austin Arnett for being an integral part of all these athletes’ journeys in life and karate.