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ATTENTION! Selway Road (FSR 223) Rockslide Blocking Traffic

Kidder Harris Highway District has reported the slide area at MP 1.28 on the Selway Road (FSR 223) has slid closed blocking both lanes of traffic. Kidder Harris Highway District and the Forest Service road crew will be working together to remove debris and open at least one lane. Work will begin as soon as possible today.

At this time detour routes would consist of the following from the Selway Road (FSR 223):

Detour 1:

Swiftwater Road FSR 470, to FSR 653, to FSR 286, to FSR 1842, to Kooskia. NOTE: Swiftwater has two large slides on it and it is recommended vehicles with trailers should NOT attempt this route. There is barely enough room for full sized vehicles to pass through the slide areas on the Swiftwater road. There is no place to turn around and the road is single lane in many locations.

Detour 2:

Ohara Road #651, to FSR 464, to FSR 284, to Town of Clearwater, to Highway 13. Trailers are not recommended. Narrow and pinch points/switchbacks are numerous.

NOTE: These detour routes will take several hours to traverse. Additional information on the status of the road will be updated here as it is received.

Due to the unusually wet summer conditions, roads and road banks can still be unstable, even though we have had some warm weather the last few weeks. Please be cautious while traveling across the forests, watch for rock slides, soft shoulders, and other unstable conditions. Be prepared!