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Attorney General Labrador Directs Additional Resources to ICAC

Office of the Attorney General | Raúl R. Labrador

Boise, ID – Attorney General Labrador announced today that he is directing additional resources to the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit (ICAC). The letter can be read here.
The number of referrals has increased tenfold since the ICAC Unit was created–from 223 referrals in 2013 to 2,304 in 2022. There is currently a backlog of almost 1,500 referrals that need to be investigated. This is an unacceptable number. Every referral needs to be investigated. Our children depend on it.
“Idaho is facing an abhorrent attack on our children. As the internet has become more pervasive, predators have found a new and easier way to target our kids, and we are doing everything we can to stop this from happening in Idaho.  Despite our office’s best efforts, we cannot do this alone, and we need local law enforcement’s help. I know our men and women in uniform share my dedication to protecting Idaho’s children, and I look forward to us taking coordinated action to stop this threat.  From my first week in office, I said we will focus the people’s resources on prosecuting child exploiters and other serious criminals, and I plan to deliver on that promise,’’ Labrador said.
The ICAC Unit will take on as many cases as it can responsibly handle; the rest will be sent to local law enforcement and county prosecuting attorneys.