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City of Lewiston

As of 4:50 p.m., January 26, 2023, the City of Lewiston has lifted the Boil Water Alert Order for all Lewiston water customers. Necessary modifications to the water system have been made in order to provide water to all customers from a different reservoir in the water system. Additionally, the affected reservoir has been disconnected from the system and drained of all remaining water.

During the entire event, all water samples taken within the system came back negative for any contaminants. City of Lewiston water customers can again consume their tap water as normal. There is no need for customers to flush their system or take any other measures at this time.

City crews will continue to make adjustments to the water system in order to balance out pressures and efficiencies. Customers may experience discolored water as a result of the modifications made to the system. If customers experience other irregularities, they are encouraged to call (208)-984-7096 so crews can mitigate possible issues.

The City of Lewiston sincerely appreciates the public’s patience and understanding during this event. Moving forward, the City will keep the community informed as more is understood about the rupture and the necessary steps to bring the water system back to normal.


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