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Breakfast for Dinner Fundraiser for Josiah at Momma K’s, this Saturday

This is Josiah, he is a trooper who could use all of our help. Last month during the end of may, it was confirmed that he has Leukemia. Josiah was transported to Spokane to receive the treatment he needs. At age 12 he is a fighter and the outlook is positive but he still has to do long hours of chemo and testing every other day. As you can imagine this takes much time and resources . His mom stopped working in order to by by his side. If you want to give them a helping hand they will be having a “Breakfast for Dinner” fundraiser On June 10, this saturday( 5pm) at Momma K’s Restaurant. Or you can donate to their go fund me listed below:

You can still donate at

Please help how you can whether it is attending the fundraiser, donating at go fund me, or keeping this family in your prayers.