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Central District Health Determined Presence of Toxins at Cascade Lake Below Heath Advisory Threshold

MCCALL – Samples taken at Cascade Lake last week indicate the presence of toxins in the water. However, Central District Health determined that the levels are below the health advisory threshold at this time.

It is important to remember that toxins can be present at varying concentrations throughout a water body and can pose a risk to people and animals. Changes in the weather can also impact bloom locations and toxin concentrations.

DEQ always urges caution when recreating in and around water during the hot summer months. When in doubt, stay out (that goes for your pets as well).

Toxins produced by certain species of cyanobacteria (formerly known as blue-green algae) can be harmful to many other organisms, including people, animals, and fish. Public health officials use toxin data from water samples and DEQ observations to issue a health advisory. Health advisories are lifted once two samples collected a week apart have toxin levels below the unsafe threshold. These toxins, called cyanotoxins, can remain in the water for days or weeks after a bloom is no longer visible.

CyanoHAB with an unusual amount of foam.

Find recreational water health advisories on the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare website at…