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City of Lewiston Police Dept partners with Dairy Queen to promote bicycle and pedestrian using the power of ice cream

Released by the City of Lewiston-


The City of Lewiston Police Dept is partnering with the local Dairy Queen to promote bicycle and pedestrian safety within our community.

Dairy Queen has generously provided us with 100 coupons, each redeemable for a FREE mini blizzard ice cream treat. Our dedicated police officers will be actively distributing these coupons to individuals who demonstrate exemplary adherence to bicycle and crosswalk safety practices. Such practices include wearing a helmet correctly, utilizing designated crosswalks, pausing at intersections or crosswalks to ensure a safe crossing, and walking bicycles when crossing roadways.

This exciting initiative will be in effect throughout the entire summer or until all the coupons have been distributed. We encourage everyone to actively participate and reinforce these essential safety measures in our community.

We are delighted to share that we have already distributed three coupons to some remarkable children who were observed practicing exemplary safety measures.

Officer Whitlock saw Berkley and Jolee wearing their bicycle helmets properly and using precautions while maneuvering their bicycles in the parking lot, after enjoying a bicycle ride with their father on the levee bypass. Officer Whitlock also caught Mackenzie riding her scooter on the sidewalk wearing her bright pink Minnie Mouse helmet!

Let’s continue working together to promote a safe environment for all pedestrians and cyclists in our community!


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