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Clyde Ewing Murder Trial Starting Friday.

LEWISTON – The jury trial for Clyde Ewing, Demetri Ewing’s dad will begin Friday, May 13 with jury selections with Nez Perce County Judge Jay Gaskill presiding over the case.

Ewing is being tried for first-degree murder for his alleged role in the shooting, and ultimately death of Samuel Johns, on January 8, 2021. Demetri was tried as an adult for first-degree murder regarding the same incident and was found guilty on Thursday, April 21.

Clyde will be represented by defense attorneys Rick Cuddihy, and Sean Walsh. The state will be represented by Elected Prosecutor Justin Coleman and Chief Deputy Prosecutor April Smith.

“My office shifted our focus [to] Clyde Ewing’s trial immediately upon the conclusion of the co-defendant, Demetri Ewing case in April,” Prosecutor Justin Coleman said. “We are looking forward to bringing Mr. Ewing to justice for his role in this murder.”

If found guilty, Ewing could be sentenced to life in prison without the opportunity for parole.