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Community Members Raising Support for Lewiston Business Owners that Lost their Home in Kamiah

KAMIAH – The two hard-working owners of the Happy Cheese food truck located at The Food Yard in Lewiston lost their home in Kamiah Saturday due to arson,  and the community is stepping up to provide some help and support.

After closing their food truck on Saturday, Tammy and her husband Elias got the call their outhouse was on fire and firefighters were on the way. They lost almost everything in this devastating event. However, Tammy explained the worst part was Idaho State Fire Marshals uncovering it was arson.  

Their daughter Keirsten instantly took to social media in hopes to provide some support and created a Go Fund Me for the couple.

“Next to nothing is left and all of their belongings are gone,” Keirsten said in the Go Fund Me. “They will need to buy all new clothes and necessities but also will be needing to find a place to live. Anything helps, please share this for them and if you can, support their grilled cheese food truck!”

Just a few days later on Wednesday, May 18, Tammy was already back in her food truck to feed the people of Lewiston her mouthwatering specialized grilled cheeses and is working on keeping her spirits high.

“Everyone has been so amazing,” Tammy said. “Bringing clothes, gift cards, and money. It has just been amazing. We are just overwhelmed in our hearts.”

As a community, support is essential in devastating situations. If you can, stop by Happy Cheese and support their business, give Tammy a hug, or check out their Go Fund Me page.

The Hungry Horse, the neighboring food truck to Happy Cheese is also having a Fire Relief Fundraiser Saturday, May 20 – Sunday, May 21. They will all be giving the profit from the sales of their Authentic Canadian Poutine to Tammy and her husband to help recover from their losses.

Happy Cheese’s hours vary so make sure to check out their Facebook page to see when to stop by.

Link to the Go Fund Me: