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Congressman Russ Fulcher Tours Lewiston’s Water Treatment Facility

LEWISTON – On April 21, 2022, staff from the City of Lewiston took Congressman Russ Fulcher on a tour of the City’s water treatment facility. The City is investing nearly $30 million in the new facility.

The previous water treatment facility was constructed in the 1920s and was beyond its service life. The Congressman was able to meet with the public works staff overseeing the project as well as managing the temporary facilities that will service the city through the high water demands of summer.

Public works staff shared with the Congressman the challenges they have faced while undertaking a project of this size and scope during a time of inflating construction costs and supply chain problems. During the visit, Congressman Fulcher learned about the potential impacts that the removal of the Snake River Dams would have on the City of Lewiston’s infrastructure – sewer, water, and stormwater.

Public works staff communicated to the Congressman how the removal of the dams would impact the improvements to the City’s water and wastewater systems that are currently being made and how these improvements would need to be modified again at a significant cost.

The Mayor and staff from the Public Works Department expressed their sincere appreciation to Congressman Fulcher for his time and interest in the City of Lewiston and the challenges the City faces. Congressman Fulcher thanked everyone for their good work and hospitality.