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Department of Lands Warns of Increased Fire Dangers this Weekend

BOISE – The Idaho Department of Lands has become increasingly aware of significant fire weather potential migrating towards Idaho from the west over the next 2 to 3 days. This was largely absent from forecasts until Thursday (9/1).

Red flag warnings are in effect for eastern WA and northern Idaho. Fire WX watch is in place for most of the central ID area. Also, it is important to note the Hot, Dry, Windy Index. This index shows significant burning conditions over the next several days.

The following conditions are predicted: high temps, very unstable atmosphere, and windy (but not extreme wind events). These conditions cover the entire Northwest, including Idaho. We have been expecting the hot and dry conditions to persist, but this new development adds unstable atmosphere as a major concern. This could mean high-base thunder cells forming when thunderstorms are not forecast.

We are also seeing new fire starts and existing fires picking up activity and aggressively burning over the past 24 hours.

This Labor Day weekend, please exercise caution and recreate in a fire-safe way.

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