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Fish and Game looking to collect teeth and jaws of white-tailed deer in units 1, 6, 8A, and 10A

Reminder for white-tailed deer hunters in units 1, 6, 8A & 10A to consider removing a front incisor of their harvested deer.

With archery seasons already underway and rifle seasons right around the corner, Idaho Fish and Game would like white-tailed deer hunters in units 1, 6, 8A, and 10A to consider donating the front teeth, or incisors, of their harvests. Teeth from harvested deer will provide information to help Fish and Game learn more about the age structure of white-tailed deer in northern Idaho. Additionally, hunters who submit teeth for aging will receive information back about the age of their deer.

We need hunters help! Collecting teeth from as many deer as possible in these units is important. To help collect more teeth, we are reaching out to hunters who have reported hunting in units 1, 6, 8A, or 10A during the last three hunting seasons. We are also contacting hunters holding a valid 2023 deer tag specific to these units to request participation. If you are a white-tailed deer hunter in one of these units and have not received information about tooth collection and would like to participate, you may also request a tooth collection envelope by calling or stopping by your regional Idaho Fish and Game Office.

tooth diagram

Hunters can submit teeth at regional offices, check stations, or by mail. Once a hunter submits a tooth, he or she will receive a post card in the mail confirming that we have received the tooth and an estimate of when you can expect to learn the age of your harvested deer. In general, it takes the lab 6 – 10 months to process samples and return age information.

If you plan to hunt white-tailed deer in these units, please consider adding a tooth envelope to your pack! Information provided by hunters as part of this effort will improve our understanding of white-tailed deer age structure and inform white-tailed deer management in Idaho. Thanks for your participation!

Tooth incisor