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Fish and Game News Releases- New Rules, Old Rules, and Tips

Know your species before heading into the mountains this fall

While it may seem like an easy task, correctly identifying your target species can be challenging at times. Weather conditions, distance from the animal and misleading appearances can be factors that complicate the task. Freshen up your identification skills by reviewing characteristics of a few species in Idaho that are commonly misidentified.

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F&G seeks input on muzzleloader ammunition proposed rule

Idaho Fish and Game is seeking public input on a proposed rule change that would allow projectiles made of metal or metal alloy, and with accuracy tips and pressure bases, to be used in hunting seasons designated as “muzzleloader only.”

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(VIDEO): How to preserve evidence of sex and species on a big game animal

Failure to leave evidence of sex and species naturally attached to a big game animal remains one of the most common violations detected at Idaho Fish and Game check stations, so in order to help hunters, Fish and Game staff have created a helpful video that walk you through how to leave evidence of sex and species intact on a big game animal.

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Hunt safe with these 10 survival tips when hunting big game

Every hunting season, hunters get lost in the woods, and while most escape no worse than tired, chilled and hungry, the hazards of being lost in Idaho’s woods shouldn’t be underestimated. Hunters can take precautions and prepare for unexpected situations in the woods.

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Hunters: If your tag isn’t properly notched, it’s invalid

It’s easy to forget in all the excitement that a hunter’s next priority after shooting an animal is tagging it. And doing so properly. Improperly notched tags are one of the most common violations conservation officers see in the field. So as a reminder for hunters, after you harvest your animal, you must validate your tag by completely removing the correct day and month and attaching it to the largest portion of the carcass.

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F&G opens opportunity to comment on multiple proposed rulemaking changes

Administrative rules are how statutes passed by the legislature is implemented, prescribed and interpreted and are a vital part of the department’s daily operations. Rules have a great impact on our hunters, anglers and trappers and how our state’s fish and wildlife are protected and managed.

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Careful…that may not be the trophy bull you think it is

You pull the binoculars up to your eyes and, lo and behold, that blurry brown object just off the side of the road appears to be an elk. And not just any elk — a massive six-point bull. Or so it seems. Taking a shot on that suspiciously still bull might seem tempting, but it could also be a very costly mistake that causes you to lose your money and your hunting license.

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Know the rules for motorized travel in some big game hunting units

With increasing use of motorized vehicles such as side-by-sides and ATVs by big game hunters, everyone, especially those using motorized vehicles, need to be aware of the motorized hunting rule. The rule is in effect from Aug. 30 through Dec. 31 of each year, and applies only to hunting of big game animals, including moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat.

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F&G surveys fish populations in the Snake River prior to quagga mussel treatment

On Oct. 1-2, 2023, Idaho Fish and Game fisheries biologists from across southern Idaho used non-lethal electrofishing techniques in the Snake River to mark fish in three short reaches of the river.

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Hunter shoots grizzly bear in self-defense near Henrys Lake

On the evening of Sept. 30, a hunter shot and killed a large adult female grizzly bear in self-defense after it charged the man while hunting for elk, northwest of Henrys Lake. The hunter immediately called the Citizens Against Poaching hotline to report the incident.

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Landowners in CWD project area have chance to harvest additional deer

To monitor for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and lower the potential for it to spread outside of the CWD positive area, Idaho Fish and Game is offering landowners within and adjacent to the Slate Creek “Hot Spot” area an authorization to harvest additional deer on their private lands or lands that they lease.

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Hot tips for processing salmon and steelhead

Filleting and processing large salmon and steelhead can be intimidating to some people, so this article was written to help those individuals and maybe provide some new tricks to the seasoned anglers to ensure you get the most out of your catch.

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Portion of Cecil D. Andrus WMA will be closed Oct. 8-10 for aerial herbicide application

An aerial herbicide application will close a portion of Cecil D. Andrus WMA from Oct. 8 through Oct. 10 to the public (both motorized and non-motorized traffic). The closed portion of the WMA is scheduled to reopen for public access after application is complete on Oct 11.

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