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Get to Know Robert Blair (R-Kendrick) Running for District 6 Senator

Election News

LEWISTON –  GOP Senator Robert Blair (R-Kendrick), substituting this Legislative session for Senator Dan Johnson has officially filed his Declaration of Candidacy with the Secretary of State’s office, for Idaho Legislative District 6 Senator. As he has already started to accomplish a plethora of important tasks, he is ready to keep the momentum going if elected.

Blair has spent his entire life in the area as a fourth-generation farmer. However, he has always had an itch for politics. When he was a kid in the late 70s, he remembers traveling in the car and catching a radio bounce from California. There was a woman explaining she didn’t understand why the farmers are so upset during the Russian Grain Embargo. Blair remembers the radio personality asking where her food came from, and she responded with the local grocery store.

“I was so surprised,” Blair said. “I knew more as a kid than an adult. I didn’t realize people were so uninformed. This opened my eyes even more to issues, and the government as a whole”.

As the new redistricting throughout the state is beginning to take shape. Blair believes it is time to step up and serve the community he loves the most. After having some time to learn the ins and outs of his new position, Blair is eager to continue to grow.

“We have lost our rural voice,” Blair said. “With losing that representation, we start losing our Idaho values. Getting to test drive the position is really nice because now, I know I can do the job and serve the area well. I have always loved policy and I have the skills to be the voice others need.”

After serving as the President of the Idaho Grain Producers Association, Blair gained valuable experience creating policy from a grassroots standpoint with issues on a local, state, and federal level. Blair spent 13 months and roughly 700 hours going through the competitive process of getting a federal program to come to a local watershed.

“Right then, I made the connection that voice can make a difference,” Blair said. “That program was shut down and my case was being watched all across the country.”

Now, as a sitting Senator, Blair has helped push a variety of bills including the highly watched SB 1280 he co-sponsored. This allows Idaho to strengthen its efforts to help students with dyslexia, requiring all students to be screened in kindergarten through fifth grade. Those who have dyslexia detected, now will have the resources to learn and grow. If elected, Blair plans to continue promoting quality education in Idaho children with a plethora of legislation to help the go-on rate, supporting the bottom 25% of students, and more.

Blair also plans to continue his support of Idaho’s agriculture and forestry industries. He explains that agriculture is the foundation for manufacturing and commerce. Blair goes on to say Idaho resources are recession-proof and it is imperative we support them. With farming in the blood that cruises through his veins, he is prepared to fight for what the demographic needs.

“Idaho has become more urban,” Blair said. “Me being a farmer and working with issues on the grassroots level, I can help rural Idaho tell their story”.

The main message Blair wishes to relay to voters, is they take their time and get to know him. He urges his constituents to learn more about him and his values. Individuals can do so by going to his website and following along with his latest campaign news.