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Gov. Little Speaks at CPAC on Restoring America’s Energy Dominance

Boise, Idaho – (Release from Idaho Governor Brad Little’s Office) Governor Brad Little’s Office returned from Washington, D.C., earlier this month after speaking on a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).


CPAC is the “largest and most influential gathering of conservatives in the world,” according to its web site. “Each year, CPAC brings together and energizes over 18,000 people – from college-aged to retired – who represent leading conservative organizations, educational institutions, elected officials, thought leaders, media personalities, and grassroots activists who fight for conservatism in America and abroad.”

Governor Little joined Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke and David Bernhardt, both former Department of Interior secretaries under President Donald Trump, on a panel about restoring America’s energy dominance.

“We must restore American energy dominance because CHINA IS NOT OUR FRIEND. Our enemies control the worldwide supply chain of materials we need for national security. We need policies that work, and I’m proud to be a part of the conservative push to make our country more energy secure,” Governor Little said.

Governor Little noted Idaho is the least regulated state, a title our state achieved in the first year of his first term after cutting or simplifying 95-percent of state regulations. Idaho provides an example for cutting red tape that Congress and the federal government could follow, particularly with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to expedite energy projects and other production activity on federal land.

“The complexity of NEPA has created land management barriers and a burdensome backlog of needed projects in Idaho and across the West. I worked with the Trump administration to streamline NEPA, but we lost momentum when Biden took office. Our proposed improvements would reduce the time and cost of NEPA compliance for routine agency projects, resulting in more efficient highway and construction projects, reduced fire risk, additional domestic energy production, and jobs from increased on-the-ground activities. We need to continue our progress in modernizing NEPA,” Governor Little said.

Panelists also discussed Biden’s EPA water rule – Waters of the United States (WOTUS) – and the need to continue the fight on federal overreach. Governor Little recently led a coalition of 24 other governors in a letter of opposition to President Biden about the rule.

“I was honored to join the many conservative leaders across our country at CPAC this year. I’m proud of our state’s conservative record and grateful to share Idaho’s perspective on how conservative policies in our state are helping to solve our nation’s energy challenges. Thank you, CPAC!” Governor Little added.

Under Governor Little’s watch, Idaho is leading the country on policies and actions that matter to conservatives, including:

  • Ending public encampments that endanger public health and safety
  • Delivering more tax relief per capita than any other state
  • Making Idaho the “least regulated state”
  • Banning instruction of CRT in Idaho schools
  • Updating an academic freedom policy to protect conservatives’ voices in school and on campus
  • Helping our neighbor states secure the border when the feds won’t
  • Fighting fentanyl and protecting our kids
  • Never mandating masks or vaccines and suing Biden over his overreaching federal vaccine mandates
  • Banning TikTok to protect Idaho from spying China
  • Protecting women’s sports by banning biological males from unfairly competing in women’s sports
  • Ending public sponsorship of events featuring “kids in drag”
  • Passing the most pro-life laws in the United States
  • Supporting the Second Amendment and actively recruiting gun and ammo companies to relocate or expand in Idaho
  • Backing the Blue by putting our money where our mouths are, and pushing for the pay and resources law enforcement needs to protect Idahoans
  • Pushing back on the feds’ attempts to take our land, wildlife, and water

Idaho State News

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