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Helping Hands Rescue Needs the Communities’ Help in Kitten Crisis

LEWISTON – Helping Hands Rescue needs your help as they are drowning in kittens. They have 80+ in their rescue in foster care.

“The phone keeps ringing and messages keep pouring in with people wanting to give us more,” Helping Hands said. “Kittens they have found in the woods, alongside the road, in wood piles, sheds, etc. We are absolutely overwhelmed!”

They will adopt out 10 and take in 20! Their small rescue can only do so much. They all obviously need formula, canned or dry food, and litter. They will all need vaccinations and spay/neuter. Many are sick when found and require immediate vet care to save them. It’s very difficult for the rescue to turn down the babies in need so they keep bringing them in. This has been the worst year ever for kittens.

“How to stop this?? SPAY/NEUTER!! If you have a stray or feral hanging around, let’s get it fixed,” Helping Hands said. “ONE & DONE!! Please don’t wait until there are 40-50 outside before seeking help. We can help you with the cost.”

Ways to Donate:……

HHR, PO Box 1975, Lewiston, ID 83501