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Historic preservation commission to install informational plaques on 23 buildings in west end historic district

Lewiston, ID- In the fall of 2022 the Lewiston Historic Preservation Commission was awarded a Community Enhancement Grant (CEG) from the Idaho State Historical Society. The CEG program is an important way the Idaho State Historical Society supports Idaho’s historical organizations in preserving and interpreting community history. CEG grants provide funds annually for collections management, educational programming, public access, interpretive enhancements, and heritage tourism.

The Historic Preservation Commission has proposed a “Plaques Project” to install informational plaques on 23 buildings in the West End Historic District. The plaques will supplement a previously completed walking tour map (see attached) and will include a QR code so that passing visitors may access a variety of written history and historical photographs of the building, its founders and its history in our historic downtown corridor.

To celebrate this project, “unveiling” of one of the installed plaques will be held at the regular Historic Preservation Commission meeting on Thursday, May 4 at 10 am in front of the historic Bell Building at 215 D Street. Historic Lewiston Walking Tour maps are available at the Community Development Department. Plaques will be installed at the following buildings or locations. Historic preservation commission to install informational plaques on 23 buildings in west end historic district

124/128 Main Street—Kettenbach Building
202 Main Street—Weisgerber Building
208/210 Main Street—Seraphin Building
301/311 Main Street—Morgan’s Alley
326 Main Street—Commercial Trust
402/408 Main Street—Adams Building
407 Main Street—Dent & Butler Building
415 Main Street—Vollmer
500 Main Street (504 Main St) – Kjos Department Store
(Towne Square)
514 Main Street—Gold Stone
515/517 Main Street—Eichenberger
519-527 Main Street—Davies
520-528 Main Street— Grostein Building (Pauluccis)
607 Main Street (611 Main St) – Liberty Theater
631 Main Street—Brier Building
714 Main Street—Roxy Theater
855 Main Street—Masonic Temple
400 D Street (411 D St.) – Cash Hardware (City Library)
313 D Street—Means Building
215 D Street—Bell Building
207 3rd Street—Old City Hall
111 Main Street—Lewis Clark Hotel
3rd & Capital Street—Territorial Capital site