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Hunters Need to be Aware of Regulation Changes in Units 14 and 15 Due to CWD

BOISE – Idaho Fish and Game detected chronic wasting disease for the first time ever in Idaho last year in Unit 14 near White Bird. The Fish and Game Commission established Units 14-15 as a “CWD Management Zone,” which means hunters who harvest deer, elk or moose have to follow new rules that include mandatory CWD testing and restrictions on what parts of the animal they can remove from the area.

CWD MANAGEMENT ZONE – Units 14-15 – restrictions:

  • It is illegal to transport any carcass or part of a deer, elk, or moose out of Units 14 and 15, except quarters, boned meat, or cleaned skulls or skull caps
  • It is illegal to possess and/or transport a full carcass or any part of a deer, elk, or moose taken from Units 14 or 15 in any part of the state outside of these units except quarters, boned meat, dried antlers, or cleaned and dried skulls or skull caps (see full list of exceptions).

CWD MANAGEMENT ZONE – Units 14-15 – requirements:

  • All deer, elk, and moose must be tested for CWD.
  • Hunters may take a CWD sample (lymph nodes taken from the head) in the field, or bring the animal’s head to a check station, drop-off location, or designated regional office
  • Quarter or debone animal at the kill site and leave gut piles and spine if traveling outside of Units 14 or 15.
  • If staying within Units 14 or 15, the spinal cords and heads must be disposed of in an approved solid waste landfill, dumpster, or trash can that will be taken to an approved landfill.
  • Antlers should be removed in the field if the hunter is also taking a CWD sample in the field.
  • If heads are taken to a check station or Fish and Game office for CWD sampling, antlers will be removed by Fish and Game staff, cleaned, and returned to hunters.
  • Animal heads will remain with Fish and Game and properly disposed of in an approved facility.

Rules for any hunter taking an animal to a taxidermist or meat processor:

  • The animal may be caped and taken to a taxidermist, but it may not leave Units 14 or 15 and must still be taken to Fish and Game staff for sampling.
  • Quarters or deboned meat may leave the site, but gut piles and spine should remain at the kill site.

For more information on CWD and FAQ, visit: