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“I hope he never gets out,” said Prosecutor Coleman in regards to Demetri Ewing’s Sentence

Image from Nez Perce County Prosecutor Office

Lewiston, ID- Released from the Office of Nez Perce County Prosecutor Justin J. Coleman

A year ago, Demetri X Ewing was found guilty for Murder in the First Degree for killing Sam Johns in 2021 by a jury. Today in court, Nez Perce County Elected Prosecutor Justin Coleman presented evidence and concerns for the safety of our community if Mr. Ewing was ever let out of prison. Prosecutor Coleman explained to the court the premediated planning of buying zip ties eight days in advance, practicing using them, and the multiple test runs found at their motel room. While in jail for murder, Mr. Ewing continued to display a lack of respect for rules and authority such as starting fights. The Presentence Investigation stated: “…the egregious nature of the crime, defendant’s failure to take responsibility and his continued deviant behavior since being in custody” which led to the recommendation for prison.

Overall, Prosecutor Coleman informed the court that Mr. Ewing had a lack of remorse for the murder nor has accepted responsibility for his actions. “There is no way the defendant can ever be safely supervised in the community. He will never be compliant with parole supervision. For the protection of the community he should be
incarcerated for the rest of his life,” said Prosecutor Coleman in front of Judge Gaskill in court today. “Mr. Ewing was given grace by Judge Gaskill and the opportunity to have a life outside the walls of a prison cell, I hope he uses it wisely. For the safety of our community, I hope he never gets out,” said Prosecutor Coleman

At the end of the hearing, Demetri Ewing was sentenced to Life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years and a $5,000 fine by District Court Judge Jay Gaskill.