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Idaho Animal Rescue Network and Helping Hands Rescue Working on Toy Poodle Hoarding Case

LEWISTON – Idaho Animal Rescue Network provided an update on their most recent hoarding cases in the Lewiston Orchards involving roughly 13 toy poodles.

The following was provided via Idaho Animal Rescue Network Facebook:

“First off, an enormous debt of gratitude to the entire team at Orchards Pet Hospital. To take on a case such as this with virtually no notice in addition to their regular clients says a great deal about their commitment to the welfare of animals.”

“These are the cases that leave rescuers, law enforcement, and veterinary staff trying to hide their anger, frustrations, and sadness. These are the cases that leave us sneaking off to a corner or hiding behind our sunglasses so no one will see our tears. These are the cases that disrupt our sleep and leave us questioning so much. I cannot imagine the amount of emotion their office is experiencing as they are helping each individual dog from this home. Please, keep their staff and Dr. Ponozzo in your thoughts.”

“This poor dog was so terribly matted and covered in feces that he is unable to move and he cannot straighten his legs … to the point that his luxating patellas fused. Now he is unable to walk as a result.”

“This is the kind of stuff they are dealing with. It’s not just a matter of shaving these dogs and giving them a bath. There’s so much more veterinary care involved. And the amount of compassion involved is immeasurable.”

The care of these dogs will be very expensive. If you would like to donate, you can call:

Orchards Pet Hospital


or come by 207 Thain Rd. Lewiston ID and donate directly to Helping Hands Rescue account.

Helping Hands Rescue

PO Box 1975

Lewiston, ID 83501