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Idaho Animal Rescue Network Asking for Help with a Very Special Puppy

LEWISTON – Idaho Animal Rescue Network has known for a while now that Gus is a special guy. Now, they have a better idea of just how special he is and they can’t help to love him even more.

This guy has surgery on Tuesday, May 17th with Dr. Cherish at Riverview and has recently had a few issues uncovered. In his skull and mouth area, the good news is his soft palate and esophagus are fine. The issue lies mostly with his skull being malformed. Because of this malformation, Gus has some adult teeth that are crowded and causing open ulcers on his tongue.

He also has incisors causing issues with the roof of his mouth. This is why he eats oddly and doesn’t chew food, which likely lead to his aspiration pneumonia last month that sent him to WSU, and brought him to Idaho Animal Rescue Network for care. Dr. Cherish will be working on fixing things in his mouth on Tuesday.

In his hips, Gus has severe hip dysplasia. This is why cannot do stairs and runs funny. When he is older he will likely benefit from double FMHO surgery. He’s now on some meds to keep him comfortable. He never ever has given any indication he’s been in pain.

They know that Gus was the runt of his litter and has been a special guy from birth. Gus is only 29lbs and small for his age and breed. However, he’s BIG in all of the love he gives.

“Gus is still truly the happiest puppy in the world with the most gentle of souls,” Idaho Animal Rescue Network said in a Facebook post. “Please, help us to help him out. We have two other dogs also with surgeries coming up this month. We are stretched and so grateful for any help you can give Gus and the others in our care.”

Ways to donate:


Riverview Animal Clinic: (509) 758- 5022 under Idaho Animal Rescue Network

Venmo: IdahoPetRescue (4 digit code is 9751)

Mailing Address: Idaho Animal Rescue Network2021 Ripon Ave Lewiston ID 83501

They are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Donations are tax deductible. Tax receipts are available upon request.