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Idaho Animal Rescue Network Reports Puppy Found Friday, July 8 is Stable

CLARKSTON – Idaho Animal Rescue Network began the journey helping this sweet girl named Mindy on July 8. She had a badly injured jaw and received veterinary treatment that ultimately saved her life.

Mandi is doing well and is stable. She’s still at Southway Animal Clinic getting belly rubs. Swelling hasn’t gone down as much as Dr. Ruff had hoped. They aren’t quite out of the woods yet but they are hopeful. The lower right side of her jaw is shattered and badly infected.

They now know where she and the other puppies came from and don’t believe it was a human-inflicted injury. That’s about all they can say right now. Idaho Animal Rescue Network appreciated the tips that came in.

To be clear, the litter of puppies found with Mandi is NOT her puppies. Mandi is just a baby herself. The litter of puppies and Mandi came from two different mommas in the same household.

Please, keep Mandi in your thoughts. She has such a will to make it through this.

If you’d like to help them with Mandi and other animals’ veterinary costs, you can do so via:


Venmo: IdahoPetRescue (4 digit code is 9751)

Mailing Address:

Idaho Animal Rescue Network

2021 Ripon Ave

Lewiston ID 83501

⛔️ They are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Donations are tax deductible. Tax receipts are available upon request.

Original Story:

URGENT – Do you know this puppy?? It has a badly injured jaw. It is receiving veterinary treatment in hopes that Idaho Animal Rescue Network can try to save her. She was found in the Clarkston heights … with another litter of very young puppies. Possibly all dumped.

In the meantime, Idaho Animal Rescue Network is asking for help with this poor girl. This will be costly but they will still do whatever it takes. The jaw is broken and infected. We will update shortly. She is currently at Southway Animal Clinic