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Idaho Transportation Board Approves Unprecedented FY2023-2029 Transportation Plan

BOISE – The Idaho Transportation Board approved the recommended FY2023-2029 Idaho Transportation Investment Program (ITIP) Thursday during its monthly meeting in Boise.

The ITIP is the department’s seven-year investment plan, and reflects unprecedented funding levels created by Gov. Little’s “Leading Idaho” initiatives and supported by the Idaho Legislature. This resulted in the most projects, and the largest ITIP that the department has ever had.

The approved ITIP includes the Highways, Public Transportation, and Aeronautics programs. It also includes summarized preliminary engineering, right-of-way acquisition, and construction costs for each project. It is updated and approved annually.

Public comments and requests submitted this year through regional outreach workshops held between March and the end of August, as well as through the department’s social media channels, were considered.

“Involving the Idaho road user and taxpayer in our transportation-planning process provides the most thorough document that combines public input and our own engineering guidance to create a comprehensive plan that best fits community needs across the state,” said Idaho Transportation Board Chairman Bill Moad.