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IDFG Releases Clearwater Region Fish Stocking Schedule for March

IDFG | Clearwater Area Stocking Schedule Report

Photo Credit: IDFG

LEWISTON – Idaho Fish and Game is scheduled to stock ponds and Mann Lake with over 8,000 rainbow trout between March 20 and 24. The trout released in these bodies of water are 10-12 inch, catchable-sized fish.

Clearwater Region

Body of Water Week To Be Stocked Number To Be Stocked
Hordemann Pond Mar 20-24 250
Kiwanis Park Pond Mar 20-24 1,500
Mann Lake Mar 20-24 5,400
Robinson Pond Mar 20-24 1,000

These easy-access lakes and ponds are excellent places for young anglers to experience the joy and excitement that comes with fishing.