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IDFG Reminds Big Game Hunters to Check for Changes Before Buying their Tags

RPhillips | IDFG

Photo Courtesy of Gregg Sevheen | Idaho Department of Fish and Game

BOISE – Big game hunters are reminded to check for changes to the 2023 big game seasons that were adopted by the Commission in their March meeting. Due to harsh winters, and other population factors, changes were made to many hunts that could affect hunters expecting the same as last year.

Idaho Fish and Game works diligently to remind hunters that hunting seasons change, and they should check the new 2023-2024 Big Game Seasons and Rules brochure for details on different hunts.

If hunters feel their hunts have been negatively affected, and they no longer want a certain tag, they can exchange it if other tags are available. Hunting licenses and resident tags are nonrefundable.

For information on nonresident refunds, please visit:

General season tag exchanges must be completed before the first day of the hunt for the current tag and may be exchanged for another general season tag of the same species if there are available tags. Exchanges must be completed through a Fish and Game office, either in-person or via mail, and must be completed before the first day of any hunt for the current tag.

Nonresident exchanges 

Nonresident hunter’s tag exchanges can also be processed online through the customer account during a scheduled Return Tag Sale. No exchanges can be processed at license vendor locations. For further questions, please email [email protected].

Why did the hunt change?

If you’re wondering why your hunt changed, we have a series of videos that were produced for the season-setting public comment period that was completed in February. In these videos Fish and Game staff explain the rationale for the proposed changes. Some of these proposals were adopted by the Commission, and others were not based on public input and other factors. Click here to view the proposal videos.