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John D Ivey Arrested by the Orofino Police Department multiple charges resulted

Orfino, ID– On April 22, 2023, at approximately 4:17 am, Orofino Police Department was dispatched to the area of A Street for a report of aggravated assault. After investigating, John D Ivey, 41, was arrested for the following charges:

Attempted Rape (Felony I.C. 18-306),

Battery With Intent to Commit Rape (Felony, I.C. 18-903, 18-911),

Domestic Battery – Traumatic Injury in the Presence of Children (Felony, I.C 18-903c, 912(2), 918(4) ),

Domestic Battery – Felony by Virtue of Prior Felony Within Fifteen Years in the Presence of Children (Felony I.C 18-918(5) 18-918(4) ),

Aggravated Assault by Use of a Deadly Weapon (Felony, I.C. 18-901(b) 18-905 (a) ),

Felony Injury to a Child (Felony IC 18-1501) as well as Sentencing Enhancement Habitual Offender (IC 18-2514).

He is currently being held at Clearwater County Jail on $150,000 bond