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Kamiah Fire-Rescue Employee Terminated after arrest in Boise.

Kamiah, ID- Released by the Kamiah Fire- Rescue


On May 13, 2023, an employee of Kamiah Fire- Rescue was arrested in Boise, ID. The person was initially suspended with pay, as part of Kamiah city policy. After details of the allegations and investigations were made known to the city attorney, the person was then terminated effective May 14, 2023.

The Kamiah Fire- Rescue stated that the Alleged actions of one individual are not representative of their organization or what they strive to make it.

They also included that they respect the privacy of the victim and the victim’s family and ask the members of the community to join them in refraining from speculation and rumors that do not aid in the investigation or protect the victim.

They also will not provide additional information about the accused individual as he is allowed due process in a court of law, and they want to respect the investigation of those agencies tasked with it.

The KFR wanted to share that those alleged acts of one person should not take away from the good work out their firefighters, EMT’s, and Paramedics do every day in their community and in other areas they respond to. The mend and women of Kamiah Fire-Rescue have answered the call to service this community will continue to do so in a professional manner.

The Fire Chief of Kamiah offered his support for the victim and apologies to the community at a large in relation to these alleged actions. He finished the press release by stating “In that, I stand upright to ensure that moving forward, Kamiah Fire- Rescue will do anything we can to provide service that meets the expectation you have of us”.


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