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Latah County Forms Broadband Coalition to Help Address Internet Infrastructure

MOSCOW, ID— Latah County has launched a Broadband Coalition to help address internet infrastructure and availability throughout the County. The goal of the Latah County Broadband Coalition is to engage stakeholders across the County to communicate broadband needs and offer support in developing projects to address those needs.

The coalition’s aim is to find local, state, and federal funding to build future-proof broadband infrastructure throughout Latah County. Members of the Latah County Broadband Coalition include:

City of Potlatch, City of Bovill, City of Genesee, City of Kendrick, City of Juliaetta, City of Deary, City of Troy, City of Moscow, Latah County Library District, Moscow School District, Kendrick Joint School District, Genesee Joint School District, Potlatch School District, Troy School District, University of Idaho, Gritman Medical Center, Senator David Nelson, Latah County.

Along with sharing and gathering information about broadband needs, Coalition members will benefit from the results of a Broadband Utility Assessment report. This report will map existing and proposed telecommunications and utility assets within Latah County and provide cost estimates for fiber construction, networking equipment, and data center upgrades.

Using this report, the Coalition plans to outline a roadmap for broadband infrastructure builds that will enable new minimum speeds of 100/20 and 100/100 Mbps for households and 1/1 Gbps for schools and other anchor institutions.

“Establishing this coalition is the first step we needed to build better broadband in the County,” said Latah County Commissioner Tom Lamar. “The importance of broadband access for education, health, commerce, and community is unmatched. We need to ensure that every citizen has access to reliable and affordable broadband because it’s not only a key component to modern life but also to future development.”

In the coming months, the Coalition will be launching a speed test campaign to gather data on broadband availability in the County as well as to strengthen grant applications. Latah County has partnered with the Port of Lewiston and Imagine Idaho Foundation to make these efforts possible, and the Coalition has and will continue to engage with all broadband providers interested in partnering to realize the goal of future-proof broadband infrastructure in Latah County.

“We are enthusiastic in our support of Latah County as it begins the process of bringing affordable and reliable internet to its residents,” said Imagine Idaho Foundation Director Christina Culver. “This coalition of community leaders will be instrumental to completing the County’s goals.”

Latah County serves over 40,000 citizens from Potlatch to Genesee and Bovill to Moscow. County departments and services include Social Services, Sheriff, Probation, Prosecuting Attorney, District Court, Court Assistance, Veterans Services, and many others. Imagine Idaho Foundation is an Idaho-based 501(c) (3) non-profit created in 2020.

Its goal is to bring broadband infrastructure to rural Idaho, giving Idahoans the ability to live anywhere, learn anywhere, and connect anywhere. Securing affordable and reliable internet access in Idaho is essential for community and economic prosperity. The Port of Lewiston is a public organization serving the citizens of our region as an economic development district, intermodal transportation center, and facilitator of international trade.