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LC State Plans to Connect Students and Employers with New Career Readiness Credential

LEWISTON – Starting this fall, Lewis-Clark State College will offer a Career Readiness Credential as a way to connect students and employers.

Based on eight career readiness competencies identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the Career Readiness Credential prepares students for the workforce. The credential is based on the need employers have for new workers being skilled in areas like communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.

The credential is broken down into three tiers that students must complete: (1) Exploring Career Readiness, (2) Career Prep, and (3) Managing Your Career. To earn the certificate, students will participate in events and professional development trainings on campus and in the community.

According to Erin Cassetto, LC State’s director of Student Employment –Career Center & LC Scholars program, students who earn this credential will be better prepared to navigate the ever-changing career landscape where new technologies create new opportunities at an ever-increasing rate.

Career-ready students become employees who are able to assess their strengths and identify opportunities for growth. These students are more willing to assume new responsibilities or take on new roles in a company because they know how to effectively manage their careers.

This is the second credential offered to students by the college. In 2020, LC State began to offer the LC Leadership Credential, which includes participating in Center for Student Leadership programs, becoming a student leader either through holding an officer role in one of the many student organizations or serving as a peer mentor or resident assistant and participating in various campus activities and workshops. Student progress toward both credentials is tracked through the Do More App where they reflect on these experiences.

In 2021, LC State received the American Association of State College and Universities Excellence and Innovation Award for Leadership Development and Diversity in part because of the Student Leadership Credential.

For more information on student employment at LC State, contact Cassetto at the Student Employment – Career Center at 208-792-2144.