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LC State Women’s Tennis Wraps Up LSU Alexandria Invitational with Saturday Split

Randy Isbelle | LC State Sports Information Intern

ALEXANDRIA, La. – LC State Women’s Tennis concluded the LSU Alexandria Invitational with a split in two matches on Saturday.
The Warriors lost to No. 9 William Carry (Miss.) 4-0 before closing the weekend out with a win against LSU Shreveport (La.) 4-0. The split sets the LC record at 7-7 on the season as the team went 3-2 in the tournament.
MATCH ONE: No. 9 William Carey (Miss.) def. LC State 4-0
Lina Boylan lost her opening set in No. 2 singles but was closing in on a second set victory against Emelie Koch before that match was concluded due to William Carey winning four points.
“We are getting more comfortable in our own skin in matches,” LC coach Kai Fong said. “We got to see the level of the ranked teams in person as opposed to just reading the results.”
Yelena Kim and April Buckingham had a 4-2 lead in No. 1 doubles against Emelie Koch and Nina Westkamp before the match was called after the Crusaders sealed the other two doubles victories.
1. Yelena Kim/April Buckingham (LCSC) vs. Emelie Koch/Nina Westkamp (WCU) 4-2 UNF
2. Sunny Logan/Jordan Ortega Mendez (WCU) def. Lina Boylan/Anne Mathema (LCSC) 6-1
3. Tiffany Chang/Malak Abarkane (WCU) def. Catherine Khardina/Alexis Maison (LCSC) 6-1
1. Yelena Kim (LCSC) vs. Jordan Ortega Mendez (WCU) 0-6, 2-5 UNF
2. Lina Boylan (LCSC) vs. Emelie Koch (WCU) 1-6, 5-3 UNF
3. Malak Abarkane (WCU) def. Catherine Khardina (LCSC) 6-1, 6-0
4. Tiffany Chang (WCU) def. Beatriz Lambru (LCSC) 6-2, 6-0
5. Sunny Logan (WCU) def. April Buckingham (LCSC) 6-1, 6-1
6. Anne Mathema (LCSC) vs. Nina Westkamp (WCU) 6-7(5) UNF
MATCH TWO: LC State def. LSU Shreveport (La.) 4-0
Catherine Khardina made quick work of Carmen Perez in No. 3 singles 6-2, 6-0. Anne Mathema dropped just one game in No. 5 singles against Catherine de Freintes 6-0, 6-1.
“This was a tremendous experience for us to manage five matches in three days without injuries,” Fong said. “It was definitely a grueling schedule, but we grew mentally tougher and smarter from the series of matches on consecutive days.”
Boylan was in a three-set battle in No. 2 singles against Sophia de Michele before once again her match was cut short, this time because LC had reached the four-point mark. The match concluded 2-6, 6-2, 4-2.
LSU Shreveport was short a player coming into the contest and had to forfeit a singles and doubles match.
1. Yelena Kim/April Buckingham (LCSC) vs. Angela Basto/Sophia de Michele (LSUS) 4-2 UNF
2. Lina Boylan/Anne Mathema (LCSC) def. Carmen Perez/Cristhine de Freitas (LSUS) 6-1
3. Alexis Maison/Maria Silva (LCSC) won unopposed
1. Yelena Kim (LCSC) vs. Angela Basto (LSUS) 4-6, 2-3 UNF
2. Lina Boylan (LCSC) vs. Sophia de Michele (LSUS) 2-6, 6-2, 4-2 UNF
3. Catherine Khardina (LCSC) def. Carmen Perez 6-2, 6-0
4. Alexis Maison (LCSC) vs. Cristhine de Frientes (LSUS) 6-3, 5-3 UNF
5. Anne Mathema (LCSC) def. Catherine de Freintes (LSUS) 6-0, 6-1
6. Maria Eduarda Santos da Silva (LCSC) won unopposed
The Warrior women travel to Portland to take on NCAA Division III Lewis & Clark College on March 16 at 5 p.m.
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