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Learn More About Why Art Macomber is Running for Idaho Attorney General

LEWISTON – Arthur “Art” Macomber decided to leave his practice in real property law to run for Idaho Attorney General as a republican, constitutionalist, with plans to defend Idaho’s values.

Living in Coeur d’Alene, and having two Vandal kids, Macomber loves the area. He explained after feeling frustrated with what was not being done in Idaho, Macomber decided it was time to step up, represent Northern Idaho, and defend the State and Federal constitutions.

“I looked at my background and said to myself, ‘I could be the Attorney General. I should run for this office’,” said Macomber. “I started in February of 2021 and I have been running ever since.”

As an Attorney, Macomber mentioned his proudest moments were always telling the truth to his clients. Even if he knew it wasn’t what they wanted to hear. He explained he would give individuals a review of the law, and show them how it applied to the facts in their situation. His goal was to make the laws easier to understand for the common Idahoan.

“I am most proud of translating the complexity of law to people who are not lawyers,” Macomber said. “It is something I have always taken to heart. [I don’t] hide the ball, [I am] just a guy who will give it to you straight.”

His passion for transparency and education is something Macomber has brought into his campaign as well. He posts daily videos on Facebook explaining various areas of Idaho law individuals have had questions about throughout the state, in simple terms. His goal is to inform common Idahoans about what rights they have, under the Idaho and Federal constitution.

If elected, Macomber plans to travel around the state and talk more with individuals to better understand their wants and needs.

“As an elected official, you are in a position to support not only the Idaho and Federal constitutions,” Macomber said. “When you give advice to someone you need to address the rights of the people, and I don’t see that happening right now”.

Macomber explained he has seen our current elected officials violate the Idaho constitution during the pandemic by wiping out in-person voting and leaving the legislation out of discussions. He stated legally, the legislation gets to set the voting rules for the state, however, that power was taken away with no explanation.

The Idaho Attorney General has the power to hold the federal government’s feet to the fire on issues, and Macomber plans to do just that if elected. He explained he would have joined other states in suing the federal government to ensure they are following the constitution. Macomber also stated he would have joined the election integrity lawsuit with Texas vs. Pennsylvania.

“The Attorney General needs to step up whenever sovereignty is threatened,” Macomber said. “The government has said they will alter the voter rules, and Idaho would need to fight back. Most of the Attorney General’s power is to sue, we don’t control the armed forces. We defend Idaho state sovereignty.”

For example, Macomber explained every drop of water is allocated from the Snake River Basin, and Idaho has strong water rights. So, if Washington stated they need a certain amount of water flows to support the fish, the Idaho Attorney General would get involved.

Macomber mentioned his campaign represents both constitutions as the anchors. He also explained he is running a generic campaign. Even though he is running as a Republican, Macomber stated it is not a party set of values the Attorney General holds, it is simply the state of Idaho’s.

To learn more about Idaho law, stay up to date with Macomber’s YouTube channel:

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