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Learn More About why Brenda Bourn is Running for U.S Senator

LEWISTON – Brenda Bourn is running for U.S Senate to fight for better education, and health care, while protecting Idaho’s conservative way of life.

Bourn was born in Clarkston and is part of the Nez Perce Tribe. She was adopted at birth and grew up in the Magic Valley, however, came back to Northern Idaho for college at LCSC. She had a successful career as a certified pediatric diabetes care specialist until she was forced to leave in October due to refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I have the drive to fight because of what has happened in the last couple of years,” Bourn said. “We have seen our government take away rights, authority, and power to organizations that never had it, and now forcing us to do these mandates.”

If elected, Bourn explained she will take a stand for medical freedoms as she knows first-hand what it’s like having her livelihood and career taken away. She mentioned she wants to hold individuals liable for what happened to make sure it never occurs again.

“If we don’t find what our mistakes are, we can’t learn from them,” Bourn said. “We need to look back and say, here are the steps that should have been better and could have saved a lot of people.”

Education is another issue Bourn plans to tackle if elected. She explained school choice is essential to a successful education. Bourn also stated Critical Race Theory is causing the indoctrination of Idaho children. She mentioned young minds are impressionable and it is imperative that CRT is stopped.

“As a native, and my sister is Korean, [we know] it is taking us back to a divided nation,” Bourn said.

Bourn explained she plans to use her platform for a plethora of issues as they go on. For example, she stated she plans to help Senators and Representatives finish the wall if elected. She mentioned there needs to be legislation to detain and deport individuals who illegally cross the border. Bourn also stated if elected, she will also help fight for true and fair elections. This means ensuring only legal citizens are voting.

She also plans to help fight for the truth in media stating there were poor elections in 2020 and the media barely skimmed it, making it sound like it wasn’t happening.

“I plan to use my platform as a Senator to make sure that the media is true, not by the agenda,” Bourn said. “We need accurate, true media.”

With the upcoming election fast approaching, Bourn asks voters truly get to know her and reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns. She stated she has loved getting to know the individuals in Idaho on a more personal level and is excited for what the future holds.

To learn more about Bourn and her views, check out her website