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Learn More about Why Carl Crabtree is Re-Running for District 7 State Senator

Election News

LEWISTON – Carl Crabtree is running for re-election for District 7 State Senator to continue to get things done for rural Idaho.

From rancher in Grangeville, to educator at the University of Idaho, to small business owner, Crabtree knows first-hand how his working-class constituents feel about issues. Crabtree explained he fights every day to ensure their voices are heard in Boise.

“I am running for re-election because I think Northern Idaho needs a strong and effective voice in Boise,”  Crabtree said. “I don’t confuse activity with achievements. I carried 30 bills through the Senate, that is the most of any legislator. I am the first one there and the last to leave.”

As Crabtree is now in his sixth term as State Senator, he explained one of the biggest takeaways he has had thus far is experiencing the number of ways he is able to help his constituents. Crabtree mentioned being a State Senator is more than just voting on bills. He has formed relationships with Directors so he is able to quickly provide help when needed. From Health and Welfare, to Fish and Game, to anything in between, Crabtree has made himself available to provide quick solutions to the individuals in his region at the drop of a hat.

As Vice-Chair of the Education Committee, Crabtree mentioned there was a lot of great things done for education this legislative session. However, one bill he was especially proud of sponsoring was the Dyslexia bill. Now that it is in place, younger Idahoans will have the help they need to overcome the challenges that come with Dyslexia.

“We were trying to solve a problem with 20% of our kids,” Crabtree said. “It was a grassroots legislation, and it came from mothers, to PhD reading specialists. We were the last state to do this and I am happy we could help the kids who need it.”

Crabtree also mentioned he was proud of helping rural Idaho have the option to offer all-day Kindergarten, provide health insurance to teachers, and incentivize teaching in rural Idaho. Crabtree explained he ensured all of this would be off the levies, so Idahoans can have more money in their pockets.

As Vice-Chair of the Finance Committee, Crabtree stated he has the ability to ensure every dollar that goes through the state is well spent. He further explained that he worked to keep the budget increases to a minimum and keep spending conservative. Crabtree mentioned finding the proper balance between income, property, and sales tax is challenging, however, right now property taxes seem out of balance and Idahoans can feel it. If he is re-elected, Crabtree mentioned he will support legislation that solves the taxing issues community members are feeling.

If re-elected, Crabtree also explained he plans to continue to fight for local control. He mentioned that leaders who are the closest to their communities, are the most knowledgeable about the communities and are invested in their successes. He stated he believes local elected officials know and understand the needs of their communities and should be heard in Boise.

“In state and federal values, we lose what makes America great,” Crabtree said. “The local people make the state great. More control at the state level simply means less autonomy.”

Crabtree also plans to fight for citizens to have strengthened private property rights. He explained that private property is the foundation of prosperity and true freedom. Crabtree mentioned there is a lot more of this fight coming in the future. He stated if re-elected, he will ensure all Idahoan’s property is protected against any governmental intrusion.

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