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Learn More About Why Cindy Carlson is Running for District 7 State Senator

Election News

LEWISTON – Cindy Carlson is running for District 7 State Senator to take a stand, make her conservative voice heard, and fight for Idahoan’s rights.

Carlson wears many hats, she is a wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, rancher, and more. As a longtime resident of Riggins, she admires the beauty of the great state of Idaho and plans to fight to keep the area peaceful and free.

“All I know how to do is work hard,” Carlson said. “My conservative values aren’t being heard. So, I decided to stand up and do something about what I didn’t like in our government”.   

If elected, Carlson said she plans to fight for Idaho’s children. She explained she is upset at the material made available in public schools and was abundantly passionate about wanting HB 666 to pass.

“There is pornographic material available to kids in schools,” Carlson said. “Libraries can choose to provide it and there is nothing we can do about it.”

Carlson also believes Critical Race Theory should not be present in schools. She also explained parents should have the right to go into the classroom when they please without needing permission, or approval. She explained the idea of letting parents observe teaching notes, textbooks, and being welcome in classroom settings, was killed in committee this year. If elected, this is something Carlson plans to fight to bring back.

Government spending is another issue Carlson feels passionate about. She explained she will not vote for spending more on anything unless it makes since. After spending a week filling in at the State House, she mentioned she was surprised how quickly bills were passed without many conversations.

“You really need to do your homework,” Carlson said. “I plan to hopefully get on the correct committees for spending. If you aren’t on top of things and are not on a committee, you won’t be as aware. Filling in made me realize this is super important and I think I can do it.”

Carlson also explained fighting for the lives of the unborn and elderly are immensely important for elected officials. She stated the Fetal Heartbeat Bill was a great step in the right direction, however, she believes there is still more to be done.  

“I believe all life is important,“ Carlson said. “Whether it is elderly or unborn, I will fight to keep all of our decisions on life. I am all in for Idaho and I am going to do everything I can to help.”

To learn more about Carlson and her beliefs, check out her website More About Why Cindy Carlson is Running for District 7 State Senator