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Learn More About Why Claudia Dalby is Running for District 6A State Representative

Election News

LEWISTON – Claudia Dalby decided to run for District 6A State Representative because she wants to protect and preserve the great state of Idaho from the Communism she once experienced in her birth country of Romania.

Growing up and going to school in a Communist county forced Dalby to see the bone-chilling horrors abroad first-hand. Dalby explained there were food shortages and the government decided how much food was given out. She mentioned there would be times when her grandmother would wait in line for bread all day, however, sometimes would return empty-handed.

“You didn’t get more than what they thought was right,” Dalby said. “My dad and his friends would have to whisper to talk politics because you could go to jail for talking against the regime.”

After escaping with her dad in the first grade, Dalby was sponsored by a church in California and made her way to the United States. Many years later, after meeting her now-husband, who was in the military, she continued to see the rest of the country from coast to coast.

These experiences are exactly the reason Dalby decided it was time to take a stand and make her voice heard.

“I know it seems like socialism and communism can’t come here, but I am seeing so many similar things it is scary,” Dalby said. “Idaho is blessed with its resources and laws allowing people to be free and close to nature the way God intended it. I don’t was our beautiful state to head in the director others are.”

If elected, Dalby plans to help schools focus on education. She believes money needs to follow the kids. She further explained parents should have control of the money and have the ability to choose to home school them, put them in private school, or whatever else they need.  

“We can’t throw all children in the same bowl,” Dalby said. “We don’t want indoctrination in our kids. They can’t reason with certain subjects like Critical Race Theory. [Also], when it comes to subjects like sex education, I don’t believe it is the school’s responsibility, parents need to take that ownership of being parents and teach their children at the right age level.”

Dalby also plans to stand up and fight for the first and second amendment if elected as State Representative. She explained the second amendment protects the first. Dalby stated we can look at other countries and see how dangerous it is when they lose their second amendment rights. She also mentioned that having the ability to speak freely and express opinions is essential.

Another issue Dalby plans to fight for if elected is the elimination of government overreach. She cited some of the mandates community members experienced during COVID shutdowns and explained it is important the government does not interfere with these sorts of issues. Dalby mentioned spending policies is another issue she sees within the government. She believes tax money should be spent carefully and plans to fight hard for that if elected.

“I am not a politician, I am just your regular mother, wife, and citizen,” Dalby said. “Whatever comes to me in the moment, I will deal with and use my experiences to fight for Idahoans.”

To learn more about Dalby, check out her website at