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Learn More About Why Dan Foreman is Running for District 6 Senator

Election News

LEWISTON – Dan Foreman is running for District 6 State Senator because he has a sense of obligation to step up and fight for the rights and liberties of Idahoans.

After 30 years in the Airforce, and a second career as a Moscow Police Officer, Foreman describes himself as a Christian, conservative, republican, and not a career politician. In 2017, Foreman left his duties at MPD after being asked by the Latah County Republican Party to run for a seat.

During his two years as District 5 State Senator, he mentioned he was proud of what he accomplished and voted on. Foreman explained he got the Idaho Free Market Insurance Act passed, allowing insurance companies to easily come to Idaho, eliminating red tape.

Foreman explains he is running as State Senator and is ready to go back to Boise because, he believes over the last two years, strange things have happened in Idaho. He mentions he has a lot of questions with the way the state handled the COVID pandemic and plans to hold individuals accountable for their actions if elected.

“We are in a real mess and I am hoping and praying we can legislation our way out of it,” Foreman said. “I have been to war and I don’t want to see that in America. We need to fix these issues and fix them fast.”

With a promise to his constituents to stand up and fight for the issues he campaigned for, Foreman believes he did just that. He voted no on budgets for the Universities in Idaho because he believed Idahoans should not use their tax dollars to fund “indoctrination camps”. He also voted no on 40% of spending bills in general as he believed they were “wasteful”.

If elected again, Foreman stated one of the first tasks on his to-do list is to draft legislation that will outlaw practices like CRT. If universities don’t comply, Foreman states he will impact their budgets. If they still don’t comply, Foreman further explained he will motion to change the law and make them compliant.

“They are rewriting history,” Foreman said. “This is unamerican type nonsense filled with divisive ideas. When they are being funded by taxpayers, it is biased and not fair. I would like them to self-comply, but I am ready if they do not.”

Foreman explained he is also pro-life and was one of the only senators that fought for that cause during his time in Boise. He explained the Feral Heartbeat Bill was a first step in what he believes to be the right direction, however, Foreman feels it is not enough.

If voters choose to send him back to Boise, Foreman explained he plans to fight to change a clause in Title 18 of Idaho’s Code of Law that allows mothers to seek an abortion.

“This was a top item on my agenda and I worked hard on that,” Foreman said. “What I proposed, and will again is to eliminate that cause and let the book stand saying it is murder. Other ways to deal with the issue is just unamerican. People can disagree with me but they’re wrong and I am right.”

Foreman mentioned he is ready to upset the status quo in Boise and fight as a warrior and true patriot for Idahoans. He urges voters, not for their coveted vote, but to look at his voting record and to listen to his views. Foreman stated if you believe in his cause, then he can go to the next step.  

“We need to send warriors to Boise, not politicians,” Foreman said. “You want to send the plain people because they are upset with the way things are going and will help change.”

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