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Learn More About Why Dorothy Moon is Running for Secretary of State

LEWISTON – Dorothy Moon is running for Secretary of State as a voice for rural Idaho and to ensure elections are secure and Idaho is getting the highest endowment possible.

Moon is a former educator, wife for 30 years, mother of two sons, small business owner, and Representative for Idaho’s largest district for the past six years. With a true love for Idaho, and its conservative way of life. Moon explained she deiced to step up and run for a Secretary of State as redistricting is taking away the voice of rural voters.

“I love representing rural Idaho,” Moon said. “With the redistricting maps, most of our people have been pulled into urban areas, and their voice is being lost. I have proven by my votes, I have voted for Idahoans. We have a fight on our hands, and I am here to represent Idaho.”

Election security is one of the biggest issues Moon plans to tackle, if elected. She explained education is the first solution. Moon mentioned that election workers, poll watchers, and challengers, should know what exactly their roles are before each election, and have easy access to any additional training they may need.

“As a life-long educator,” Moon said. “I can make sure counties know what they need to do and ensure they have access, if any training is needed.”

During her time as a Representative, Moon worked on a plethora of legislation, including the Secure Elections Act focusing on election integrity. She explained this would have required voters to have a valid government-issued ID on hand, instead of a Costco card, school ID, and other forms of identification that can be easily faked or misused. Unfortunately, this legislation was locked up in the Senate.

“The most exciting part was it would have removed the affidavit voters can sign,” Moon said.  “If you forgot your driver’s license, you can sign a piece of paper saying you are, who you say you are, and they give you the ballot. Once you vote, and they find out later you don’t live in the country, your vote can’t be removed. It just cancels out a legal vote.”

Moon explained she is prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure Idaho’s conservative way of life is protected if elected. She stated she has never taken Facebook money, as she believes they are trying to flip the state we all know and love.

“I am the only proven conservative in this race, and we want to maintain that character of Idaho,” Moon said.

The endowment lands are Moon’s next item on her agenda if elected. She stated as long as the state keeps cutting wood, they will have a lifetime supply of money. All while reducing the risk of forest fires. Moon also explained Idaho needs to remove their private ventures from the lands like storage units, and more.

“We should not be competing with private small businesses,” Moon said. “Let’s keep logging, replanting, and supporting the industries that support rural Idaho.”

She explained that Idaho truly has it all, and the state needs to better utilize the resources. Moon explained Idaho would be able to cut dependency from China if they utilized the Cobalt Mines, as well as create higher-paying jobs.

To learn more about Moon and her values, check out her website at