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Learn More About Why Ed Humphreys is Running for Governor of Idaho.

Election News

LEWISTON –  Ed Humphreys is currently running on the Republican ticket for Governor of Idaho. His main objective is to put principles above politics and fight for the regular Idahoans’ best interest.

Humphreys’s family first fled to America from Eastern Europe to escape communism and seek the true American Dream. Throughout his life, Humphreys mentioned he has truly worked from the ground up. From working in an oilfield in Western Colorado to Edward Jones Financial Advisor in the Treasure Valley, these experiences are exactly what pushed him to run for Governor.

With his financial background, Humphreys became outraged with state budgets, and where Idahoans’ tax dollars end up. He mentions for the average resident earning $50,000 a year, Idaho’s state income tax is higher than 39 other states. He went on to explain Idaho taxpayers fund 20 agencies and 181 departments.

“The truth is you have to follow the money, and I have done that,” Humphreys said. “Every business in Lewiston has to pay sales tax and income tax so Facebook’s [data center being built near Boise] can receive 50 million in tax breaks, that is destructive.”

Humphreys goes on to explain if elected, he plans to eliminate income tax all together. He goes on to mention income taxes are only a small portion of the budget and Idaho can currently afford to do it with the surplus the state currently has. Humphreys also explained, that if the state cut taxes, it would juice the economy over time. As Idahoans are spending more, he believes income taxes could be replaced in the budget within four to six years.

“This is going to be powerful for the working class here in Lewiston,” Humphreys said. “People would have another $3,000 a year on average, that would help many families.”

He also mentions climbing property taxes is a big issue average citizens are currently seeing. If elected, Humphreys plans to put a cap on property taxes. This means, when individuals buy a home, they will know the bill for a lifetime.

As Humphreys’s favorite part of Idaho is everything from the true beauty tucked away in Grangeville and Kamiah, to the Cascades, and more. If elected, he plans to fight for the average voices in Idaho and create a government for the people.

To do this, he mentions corruption needs to be tackled within the state. Humphreys explains currently, issues are left up to experts who make decisions for a collective good which is a vital mistake. He believes decisions need to be made at a level of government closest to the people. Such as city councils, county commissioners, school boards, and more. Humphreys went on to explain society benefits when families and individuals are empowered to reach for their potential.

“We have a political class that lives under different rules,” Humphreys said. “I want to create training mandates for law enforcement to have the tools to fight government corruption. This will create government accountability and transparency”.

Humphreys also believes there are undeniable problems in Idaho’s education currently. He mentions families should be the ones to choose how their children are educated, not the central planning of unions. He believes this creates a one size fits all mentality that is not effective with every student in Idaho.

“I think with the current approach, all the kids have to ask the same question and have the same experience,” Humphreys said. “We are raising up a generation of conformists. It has nothing to do with the teachers. Kids should have the opportunity to explore their passions. More young people should have the opportunity to create value by being involved with a trade or a skill.”

To learn more about Humphreys’s values and to follow along with his campaign, go to his website and remember to vote in the primary on May 17.