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Learn More About Why John Dionne Jr. is Running for Governor of Idaho

Election News

LEWISTON – John Dionne Jr. is running for Governor of Idaho as a Libertarian to give Idahoans an option for change, and to fight for their rights and freedoms.

Being a fifth-generation Idahoan, Dionne has a true love and passion for the area. After serving in the military for 20 years, he has had the opportunity to see issues from a new perspective and come up with solutions he believes can help.

“After what I have seen, I thought it was time to step up,” Dionne said. “The reason I think the way I think, is because I have witnessed how things have turned for the worst in the last 8-9 years and I have a desire to serve the people of Idaho. I am just asking for the opportunity to lead this great state.”

As a Libertarian, Dionne believes it is time for a change in Idaho. He explained that average  Idahoans do not get a say in bills proposed by government officials and he believes it is wrong. He further explained citizens need to hold elected officials accountable and make their voices heard.

“Who has been in charge of Idaho since Idaho has been a state?” Dionne said. “Republicans and Democrats, and look where we are at now. It is not about a party, it should be about serving the people of Idaho. I don’t believe you should be governed by laws made up by legislation in any branch. Once they start making laws it becomes a dictatorship.”

Like many Idahoans, Dionne describes himself as a working-class man. He explains this gives him an advantage because he is able to understand what it is the majority of Idahoans need and want. He explains one of the biggest issues he sees is transparency. Dionne mentioned he plans to be open and transparent with everyone if elected and plans to hold legislators in the same regard.

Dionne mentioned if elected, he plans to tackle repealing the Grocery Sales Tax within his first 100 days. He explains all that needs to be done to accomplish this, is to cut spending in the government and put money back in the hands of Idahoans.

“I am going to give the legislator the option to send a bill along with the cuts to spending,” Dionne said. “[However,] if they don’t do it, I will through an executive order.”

Property taxes are another issue Dionne believes he has a solution to. He explained property taxes should be about the price you pay for your home instead of an appraisal price. Dionne mentioned this would help Idahoans maintain their homes instead of being run out of them.

If elected, Dionne also plans to get Idaho’s government out of the liquor business. He explained privatizing them will, in turn, downsize the government, and save Idahoans money.  

“State employees are a long-term cost,” Dionne said. “I plan to offer the stores to the employees and managers first through the government with no interest. If they don’t want it, I will offer it to the community at large. This will give someone the opportunity to thrive and pass a future to their children, and will cut government spending.”

Dionne reminds Idahoans who are registered as an independent to ask for the Libertarian ticket to vote for him on May 17.

To learn more about Dionne, follow him on Twitter @Dionneforidaho or check out his website at