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Learn More About Why Lynn Guyer is Running for District 7A State Representative

LEWISTON – Lynn Guyer is running for District 7A State Representative to stand up and be a conservative voice for Idahoans in rural areas.

Born and raised in Idaho, Guyer is about as local as it gets. After a 30-year career with the Idaho Department of Corrections, the last 13 as the Warden at North Idaho Correctional Institution. Guyer retired with his wife of almost 33-years, three children, and three grandchildren.

Guyer has had experience with local government after being on the Cottonwood School District Board for seven years. He is also currently the City Council Sewer Commissioner. He decided to take his experiences to the next level and run for State Representative because there were a lot of things going on that concerned him.

As an individual who has many adopted children in his family, Guyer explained he is pro-life and believes in fighting for the unborn.

“I have a Niece who is adopted by my brother and his wife,” Guyer said. “And a grandnephew who was adopted by my nephew and his wife. The point I am making is, there are parents who can’t have kids and adoption allows [them] to be parents.”
Guyer also plans to protect Idaho public lands from outside interests by working with Idaho Fish and Game, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Forest Service. He explained there are roads and public grounds that belong to the state or federal government that community members need continued access to.

“You go where you have hunted for years and you find a gate with no trespassing signs,” Guyer said. “We should have an easement to have access to these areas”.

Being from rural Idaho, investing in smaller communities is also high on Guyer’s agenda. He explained he plans to fight for broadband access and to ensure rural roads are maintained.

“Idaho is a rural state and we have urban pockets,” Guyer said. “We need to make sure the voice for the rural areas is being heard. At my house, I buffer a lot. However, I can go to Boise and do not have any of those issues. We should be on the same playing field.”

At a point in his career, Guyer was the chairman of regional substance abuse. He distributed money to local treatment agencies and even helped with the implementation of the first DUI court in Twin Falls.

If elected, Guyer plans to continue his fight for mental health. He explained Idaho cannot continue to use the Idaho Department of Corrections as a treatment facility. Guyer plans to work on a passage of a bill so those in need can have facilities within communities to deal with drug abuse and mental health.

“We don’t know what came first,” Guyer said. “The mental health or the drug issue. Whichever it is, the majority of people have both. Dealing with those in the community can help make them productive citizens”.

To learn more about Guyer and his platform visit his website at