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Learn More About Why Mary Souza is Running for Secretary of State

LEWISTON – Mary Souza is running for Idaho Secretary of State to protect Idahoans’ right to vote and more.

As a 35-year-resident of Idaho, Souza loves and appreciates Idaho’s conservative way of life. She started her career as a critical care nurse, then started a business with her husband in 1984. Souza has also been District 4 State Senator for seven years now.

Souza explained she decided to step up and run for Secretary of State about four years ago, however, she wanted to wait until the current Secretary retired to make an official run. She mentioned throughout her time as a State Senator, she tried to get five different election bills through this legislative session and has sponsored 15 overall focusing her career on election integrity.

As she is a part of the Honest Election Project, consisting of individuals from a dozen states across the country. She has studied first-had elections safety and honesty.

“The reason that it is so important to Idaho that I am a part of this is we get to hear about all of these things,” Souza said. “We can prepare in Idaho and make sure we secure our systems.”

Souza explained Idaho has serious work to do in regard to elections. Over the last session, she tried to pass bills about ballot harvesting, regulations involving drop-boxes, voting assistance, ID card verification, and more. However, none of them were passed.

Facebook money allegedly being used during the 2020 election was a bone-chilling issue that Souza mentioned being at the forefront of her campaign. She urges voters to check out the “Zuck Bucks” tab on her website to learn more.

“I quickly got a bill drafted and signed by the governor to outlaw Facebook money,” Souza said. “Private dark money can never come into Idaho again.”

Aside from elections, Souza mentioned the job of Secretary of State deals with a plethora more. For example, she explained with her seat on the land board, she plans to work on getting more money allocated to public school districts. So they are able to look into issues like mental health, and more.

If elected, Souza also plans to work on strengthening the economy by making life easier for small business owners. Being one herself, Souza explained she knows first-hand what it is like battling through government regulations.

“We have to cut back the government burden on businesses,” Souza explained. “That is how we see them flourish. We need to also go back and review our laws to make sure they are clear, understandable, and people can interpret them on their own.”

To learn more about Souza and her views, go to her website