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Learn More About Why Mike Kingsley is Running for District 7 State Representative Re-Election

Election News

LEWISTON – Representative Mike Kingsley is running for re-election for District 7A State Representative to continue his fight for the average Idahoan.

Kingsley has lived in Lewiston most of his life and has a true love for the area. After starting a few businesses in Lewiston, being involved in public service, and serving on various non-profit boards, he decided in 2016 to serve the community in a new way by running for State Representative.

In the last six years, Kingsley mentioned he is proud of the work he has done on many fronts. He explained that sometimes it is not about what you vote on as a Representative, it is about what you are able to stop.

“A bill tried to go through the house that would have fined people that were on 2.3 million acres of endowment property,” Kingsley said. “I was able to show that [if] we now pay to be on endowment land as sportsman, why would we be fined? This was pulled back out of committee.”

Kingsley mentioned he was also proud of introducing medical marijuana for certain conditions to Idaho. He explained it was a hard fight, however, it was rewarding when one of the first bills this legislative session was in regards to providing medical marijuana to individuals suffering from MS.

“If I had not fought this last year, the doors to this great bill would not have received the time of day,” Kingsley said. “I do not want Idaho to be an open state for recreational marijuana, but [for] certain diseases it is a beneficial medicine.”

As Kingsley believes his fight for the average Idahoan is not quite over yet, he explains he is a true conservative, which means to conserve what citizens have and limit the size and scope of the government in their lives.

“I am part of a growing movement,” Kingsley said. “Of course we need government, but it can easily get out of control. Examples would be Oregon or Washington State. To keep the conservative movement going forward, I felt my return is important to Idaho.”

Being from Lewiston, Kingsley explains he is proud of the local businesses that provide manufacturing of bullets, guns, and accessories, and he is a staunch supporter of the second amendment. If re-elected, he plans to continue advocating for these businesses and support the career and technical education that is growing from Lewis Clark State College and Lewiston high school.

Kingsley explained he also plans to continue fighting to lower taxes. He stated he will continue to watch spending as community members often forget that everything the state or local government does, comes from common taxpayers.

“Property taxes are the absolute most regressive tax there is,” Kingsley said. “You never really own your home. I am intrigued by a bill that is being discussed over the summer that would take away the property taxes from a residential home and put it on the sales tax. I can see the pluses and negatives and think getting all stakeholders together to come to a consensus is a good idea”.

The Opioid epidemic in Idaho is another strong fight Kingsley is prepared to continue if re-elected. He mentioned when he served on the Governor’s Opioid Task Force, he helped come up with ideas that passed the house and were signed by Little.

One, in particular, he was proud of was the PMP (Prescription Monitoring Program). This gave doctors and dentists access to see how their prescription of Opioids was in line with other professionals. Kingsley mentioned this helped decrease the number of prescriptions by 30%. He continued to explain it showed who might be “doctor hopping” to receive more medications.

Kingsley mentions as great as these accomplishments were, there is still much more to be done. He believes that Idaho needs more education about what is going on with the Fentanyl crisis and more.

“People are being poisoned without even knowing it,” Kingsley said. “The cartels in Mexico have now started manufacturing. With an open border, the amount of Fentanyl is downright scary. If you take a pill and it did not come from a pharmacy, you are taking your life into your own hands. Locally, we have had overdoses that were exactly this scenario, it’s tragic. I’m thankful our local agencies are treating these deaths as homicides, bringing the dealers who sold this into accountability.”

To learn more about what Kingsley stands for, check out his website