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Learn More About Why Phil McGrane is Running for Secretary of State

LEWISTON – As a fourth-generation Idahoan and self-described elections junkie, Phil McGrane stated he is running for Secretary of State to protect Idaho’s conservative way of life for the future generations to come.

Working around elections his entire career, McGrane has gone from counting ballots, to law clerk for the United States Elections Assistance Commission, to his current elected role of Ada County Clerk, and everything in between.

“I have been involved with every aspect of running elections in Ada County,” McGrane said. “I have worked very closely with the Secretary of State in the past and I think there is a lot of value in having someone who has seen the implementations at the state level.”

McGrane explained he sees a lot of opportunities to further election security in Idaho, thanks to technology and more. He mentioned there are ways to look up voters by the barcode on their licenses, making it more convenient for Idahoans, and avoids discrepancies. With this system, McGrane stated individuals will not be able to vote twice in different locations, and poll watchers can better identify who each voter is.

With his law degree from the University of Denver, McGrane also believes he would be a valuable member of the land board if elected. The Secretary of State sits on this board that oversees the endowment lands owned by the state of Idaho. The money from these lands then goes to Idaho public schools. McGrane explains having a second opinion from a law standpoint will be incredibly useful in ensuring Idaho’s endowment lands are used to the fullest.

“I am the only one running with a JD,” McGrane said. “I [also] am very happy to have the support from all the groups that use the land. I have really good working relationships with everyone involved.”

As a fourth-generation Idahoan, the state’s conservative way of life is something McGrane plans to protect to its fullest. He stated Idaho is one of the lesser restrictive states and he plans to ensure it stays that way.

“We really want business owners and voters to continue to enjoy this state,” McGrane said. “When you are driving down the road you shouldn’t be thinking about the government. If you see a pothole, they aren’t doing enough, and if you hit a speedbump, they are doing too much. I want Idahoans to have the balance.”

McGrane explains Idaho currently has a great system, and citizens need someone who will stand up and protect it.

For more information about McGrane and his values, check out his website