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Learn More About Why Scott Trotter is Running for U.S Senator.

LEWISTON – Scott Trotter is running for U.S Senator to make Idahoans proud to be Americans again and to further protect citizens’ life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Trotter is a bubbly, Lewiston local, who has a true passion for helping others, and a love for Idaho’s way of life. As a worship pastor at Echo Hills Church and owner and operator of Image Design Center, Trotter understands first-hand the issues Idaho is facing and is running for U.S Senate to provide solutions.

“I was working in my sign shop and doing my signs and thought this would be an opportunity to step up, help, and offer some hope to our nation and our state. There is a negative narrative we are hearing and we need a positive narrative. We are a god bless America kind of nation. My heart is to encourage us to be the bold and brave people we are.”

As a nation, Trotter explains it is essential we are fiscally responsible, and he hasn’t seen that lately. He mentioned the national debt is one of the biggest issues facing Americans, and it is chains around not only us but our future generations. Trotter stated it is our responsibility to provide a better future.

“I don’t hear the narrative that says ‘hey let’s reduce the debt’, and I want to be the voice that brings that up,” Trotter said. “One way I plan to encourage is the first day, I will put 10% of my first-year salary to the national debt. I will encourage others to do the same. They got is in this mess, and now it is time to get out.”

Federal overreach is another issue on Trotter’s raider. He stated the federal government has been given too much opportunity to be in too many environments. Trotter explained that state and local governments can truly help the people more than the federal government. He mentioned he sees opportunities for the federal government to get out of health care, education and so much more.

“We are responsible adults,” Trotter said. “We don’t need the government telling us how to get health insurance and where to get it. Imagine if we cut back on regulations, the federal government dollars in taxes would reduce. I think there is hope on the horizon for America to be mindful of the constitution. We are the people of a great nation and we can do amazing things when we are left alone.”

Trotter has traveled all around the geographically massive state of Idaho, going to 30 out of 32 Lincoln days, meetings, and more. He explained through interacting with a vast amount of Idahoans, he has realized people are tired of career politicians and are excited to have the opportunity for another choice.

“Why not give the business owners and worship pastors a shot at being responsible,” Trotter said. “New people, new faces, and new ideas are carrying forward the message of hope for our nation. It is a duty to step in and take care of people. I could hide, but I don’t think that is what we are called to do, and this is my moment.”

To learn more about Trotter and his views, check out his website