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Learn More About Why Sherri Ybarra is Running for State Superintendent

LEWISTON – Sherri Ybarra is re-running for Idaho Superintendent to continue her fight to better Idaho’s education.

Ybarra explained she has loved serving the students of Idaho over the last seven years and is re-running to continue her fight for families in our state. Working with students has always been a passion for Ybarra. From teaching in the classroom to now, working with them firsthand as superintendent.

Overall, she stated her favorite memory has been working with the Student Advisory Council. Each year, 13 students from all over the state are picked to have a quarterly meeting and gain experience on various aspects of education policy. From testifying on legislation that is now law, to mock sessions, and so much more.

Throughout her time as Superintendent, Ybarra explained Idaho has climbed from 31st to 17th in the nation for education. She also stated Idaho is now first in the nation for college credit earned and high school and has seen a plethora of other achievements.  

“I want to continue the momentum we have seen in the region,” Ybarra said. “We need an educator in the field. Someone who can throw things out that don’t work and keep the eye on the state plan. Idaho deserves a superintendent with experience when they get on top.”

Over the past week, Ybarra has worked on releasing parental toolkits to families around the state. Ybarra mentioned this will provide a one-stop-shop for all the information and resources parents need to see their students succeed. From scholarship opportunities to suicide awareness resources, school choice opportunities, and more.

“Under my leadership, we have increased school choice by over 40%,” Ybarra said. “We have expanded those college credits earned in high school, charter schools, and more. There is now more mastery, project-based learning, work-based opportunities, and real-life experiences.”

Ybarra explained these successes over the last seven years have been great, however, there is much more she feels can be done. From continuing to support teachers and working on retention, to growing parental involvement, student test scores and so much more, if re-elected, Ybarra stated she plans to do it all.  

“Stick with me Idaho,” Ybarra said. “I got rid of common core, we are 17th in the nation for achievement and I want to take us to the top 10. So vote Sherri in the Primary.”

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