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Learn More About Why U.S Senator Mike Crapo is Running for Re-Election

LEWISTON – U.S Senator Mike Crapo stated he is running for re-election to continue his fight for lower taxes and to eliminate wasteful government spending. He simply wants to continue his career as a passionate advocate for Idaho’s rights.

From working on his family farm in Idaho Falls to graduating from Harvard Law School and serving as a Law Clerk with the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. Senator Crapo has been a voice for Idahoans for as long as he can remember.

Crapo started his political career as an Idaho State Senator from 1984 to 1992. Then, in 1993 he was elected to the U.S House of Representatives, until 1999 when he was elected to U.S Senator.

Over the last 23 years in his position, Crapo explained his biggest takeaway has been realizing the difference that can be made in D.C, and how much each battle means for the common American citizen.  

“Our Senate, House, and President, under the Constitution is the greatest system of government and has generated personal freedoms,” Crapo said. “Our systems of government have become a beacon on the hill for the people, but it is a fight every day. Our constitution is under assault from internal policies. They are trying to unwind what works, for their own vision.”

Senator Crapo explains this attack is exactly why he has decided to re-run. Crapo mentioned the recent efforts of federal control, open borders from executive orders, and more, are violations of our constitution, which he plans to continue his fight against.

“I think my voting record is solid,” Crapo said. “I have proven I will stand up for our rights and the constitution. I am just asking [voters] to let me continue.”

This legislative session has come with a plethora of successes. Crapo explained he helped stop over seven trillion dollars of debt, the federal takeover of elections, and the push of statehood for D.C. He also helped expand retirement packages and mental health care. Extending the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) program for two years, and more. However, he believes there is more to be done in every area he works in.

As a ranking member of the Finance Committee, Crapo has made lowering the national debt one of his biggest priorities. After working on the bipartisan Bowles-Simpson Committee, organized by former President Obama. Crapo and his colleagues came up with ideas to deal with the national debt. However, the administration walked away from the plan that was created.

“We know what we need to do to get spending under control, but they are tough steps politically,” Crapo said. “To strengthen our economy we need a robust response. We got part of it done in 2017, and now that is trying to be unwound. Instead of having the government be our caretaker, we need the government to facilitate that strong economy.”

In 2017, Crapo worked on the Trump Tax Cuts and explained that was the strongest the economy has been in its lifetime. He stated unemployment was historically low, revenue to the treasury was expanding, and the tax burden was slowing.

“Today, the effort is to unwind all the success,” Crapo said. “We don’t need to pass new legislation, we need to protect what we have.”

Obamacare is another battle Crapo stated is not finished. He explained currently, Americans are drastically limited on the healthcare they can receive and have skyrocketing premiums and deductibles looming over each visit. Crapo stated the solution is fighting to improve and expand the community health care system. He mentioned it is much less expensive and gets patients the care they need.

Out of everything, the biggest part of Crapo’s career in politics he wishes to continue is meeting and working with the brave Americans that call Idaho home. On Friday, April 30, Senator Crapo had the honor of presenting U.S. Army veteran Michael “Mike” S. Wells with a Bronze Star, for his heroic actions while on deployment in Iraq. Crapo explained through a beaming smile this was what he lives for.

“This is the highest rewarding thing I get the honor of doing,” Crapo said. “It is so uplifting and rewarding getting to meet with America’s greatest heroes who have saved other great Americans, and who have helped our county.”

To learn more about Crapo and the battles he will continue to fight if re-elected, check out his website