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Lewiston orchards irrigation distrcit Mainline Repair

Lewiston, ID- Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District experienced a domestic mainline break on the east end of the 1800 Block of Grelle Avenue on Friday evening.  Field crews have reduced the out flow to a manageable rate and will begin mainline replacement to resolve the issue.  There will be water across the road in the 1800 block of Grelle Avenue until Sunday morning.    LOID will have the eastbound lane on the 1800 block of Grelle Avenue closed from late evening Saturday until the repair is complete, please consider an alternative route.

Although this has been managed without an increase in water velocity, there is still a chance for discolored water to be present in the domestic water system.   The discolored water is caused by fine particles, also known as floc, found naturally in the aquifer that accumulate over time in water transmission lines.

Customers who are experiencing discolored water are asked to run cold water preferably at the lowest point in your house, in the tub or the kitchen sink for 5-10 minutes.   If the water does not clear, please wait between 30-60 minutes and repeat flushing your lines.